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Before You Go

Immigration Proof of citizenship and a ticket for onward destination is required for a visit not exceeding six months. Some countries require visas; check with the Consulate of Jamaica nearest you.

Proof of Citizenship
U.S.A.- Valid passport. OR Original birth certificate with raised seal, along with photo I.D. (both bearing the same name). Those visiting as tourists may remain for a period not exceeding six months.

Canada - Same documentation as above. Naturalized citizens may use certificate of citizenship along with photo I.D.(both bearing the same name).

U.K.- Commonwealth citizens require only valid passport.

Japan - Valid passport. Visa for stays of over 30 days.

Alien registration card holders - Please check with Consulate of Jamaica nearest you.

Children require birth certificate along with photo I.D. (both bearing the same name).

Incoming duty-free items - 1/2 pound of tobacco, one quart of spirits (including liqueurs, cordials and wine), six fluid ounces of perfumed spirits and twelve fluid ounces of toilet water.

Incoming restricted items - Fresh flowers, plants, honey, fruits, meats and vegetables (except canned), coffee (in any form), firearms, explosives, and dangerous drugs, including marijuana. Persons who use only Kosher foods must have for all carcasses being imported: (a) meat inspection certificates from the U.S.D.A./Official Government Vet. Ministry of Agriculture & Veterinarian Division in Canada certifying ante and post mortem inspection; (b) stamp of approval on all carcasses; (c) an import license from the Ministry of Agriculture in Jamaica. The Jamaica Tourist Board will make arrangements to obtain the license, if given two weeks notice.

Outgoing Items:
U.S. - Visitors may carry US$600 in purchases after each 48 hour visit. Items manufactured in Jamaica (rum, coffee perfume, arts & crafts, etc.) are also duty-free. Visitors can mail unlimited gifts (not including perfume, cigars or liquor) worth up to $10.00 back to the U.S. All in-bond purchases must be made in foreign currency.

U.K. - Visitors are allowed 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 1 litre of spirits or strong liqueurs (no one under 17 is entitled to tobacco or drink allowance), all other goods including gifts and souvenirs £36 sterling value.

Canada - Residents, temporary residents, and former residents of Canada returning to live in Canada may claim goods free of duties under one of the following exemptions: 7 day absence from Canada $500.00 yearly; 48 hour absence $200.00 any time; 24 hour absence $50.00, not including alcohol or tobacco products. Only one of the above exemptions may be claimed and visitors cannot pool their exemption with other passengers.

Japan - Duty free allowance up to YEN200,000 (approximately US$1700). Liquor allowance is 3 bottles (4/5 quart). Children under 20 not permitted to bring in liquor.

No vaccinations required unless, in the last 6 weeks, you have visited: Asia, Africa, Central & South America, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Trinidad or Tobago.

Money & Banking
The official rate of exchange fluctuates daily depending on foreign exchange markets.  Foreign currency may be exchanged for Jamaican dollars at banks or licensed exchange bureaus in airports and hotels. Purchases may be made in any currency recognized by the Jamaican government. Jamaican dollars may be reconverted to foreign currency at Airport Bureau of Exchange upon departure by presenting a foreign exchange receipt.

Foreign currency or Jamaican dollars may be taken into or out of Jamaica. However, amounts exceeding US$10,000 (or its equivalent in any other foreign currency) or JA$150,000 must be declared to Jamaican Customs. Commercial banks maintain branches throughout the island. The hours are 9am-2pm on Mondays to Thursdays; 9am-12pm and 2:30pm-5pm on Fridays. Exchange Bureaus are open in Montego Bay and Kingston airports for all international flight arrivals and departures.

Lightweight tropical clothing is best suited throughout the year. On the beaches shorts and swim wear are acceptable. A light sweater is suggested for evening, especially in the winter months when semi-casual wear for evenings and a sports jacket for men is suggested.

No pets are allowed. There is no rabies in Jamaica.

Electrical System
110 volts/50 cycles is standard.

Time Zone
Eastern Standard Time. Jamaica does not observe Daylight Savings Time.

All drinking water in Jamaica is purified and filtered by the most modern methods. Water temperature is approximately 78 degrees F (25 degrees C).

Departure Tax
Like most countries, Jamaica has a departure tax, payable at the airport on your departure. It's US$27.00 -- cash only, please!

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