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Scuba One Travel Owner Randy Kraft photo circa 1987 in Hedonism II brochure

Scuba One Travel owner Randy Kraft began his Caribbean career as the watersports/scuba director for a Jamaican all-inclusive resort comparable to Hedonism Resorts in the early 1980's. Because of their history of working together in Jamaica, the general managers of Hedonism Resorts, have asked Randy to do ongoing reviews of Hedonism Resorts Watersports programs begining almost two decades ago. This consulting program has subsequently expanded to include a number of other Caribbean resorts. Scuba One Travel owner Randy Kraft, has worked full time in the Caribbean/Pacific travel industry since 1982.

Due to Jamaica's strict immigration laws, few other Americans, if any, have a background of living in Jamaica, working full time at Jamaican all-inclusive resorts, and the worldwide dive travel experiences of Randy Kraft. If you should have any questions regarding either Jamaica, Hedonism Resorts, or Caribbean travel, feel free to contact us.

Under New Ownership

Adults only, Moderately Priced, Jamaican,


Scuba One Travel owner Randy Kraft and a SuperClubs General Manager, Richard Bourke, representing SuperClubs at a “DEMA” scuba convention 

   Scuba One Owner Randy Kraft representing Superclubs at Chicago Travel Show   


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Scuba One owner Randy Kraft, Grand Lido Braco Hotel Manager Randy O’Connor, and SuperClubs Vice President Gary Williams representing SuperClubs at the “DEMA” scuba convention.       





Under New Ownership


Scuba One Travel Owner Randy Kraft congratulating New Club Ambiance Owner, Jamaican businessman Mr. Ernie Smatt

Adults only, Moderately Priced, Jamaican,

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