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Breezes Rio Bueno Dive Sites

 This list comprises the most frequently visited sites by the Folmouth Scuba Diving Team. In addition to these listed we also offer drift dives and on occasion, in the spirit of true adventure, will sometimes explore uncharted reefs.


FRUITY’S REEF: (30-35ft. Sub 10 minute boat ride). Another reef excellent for macro-photography with wide selection of coral shrimp, gobies, lobsters, and other highly patterned reef life.


GALLERY: (50-70ft. 10 minute boat ride). Huge barrel sponges, vase sponge, green turtle and schools of Blue Chromis and Creole Wrasse.


MORGAN’S REEF: (50ft sloping to120ft. Sub 10 minute boat ride). Large variety of sponges, corals, and the multi-faceted life that dwells in these reef structures.


QUARRY’S EDGE: (70ft dropping to120ft. Sub 10-minute boat ride) There we occasionally see southern stingray, turtles, and squids.


QUARRY’S FLAT: (40-60ft. Sub 10 minute boat ride). Flat reef, many small colorful fishes, sea fan and sponges.


QUEEN’S EDGE: (60ft dropping to120ft. 10-15 minute boat ride). Sand, grass, and coral reef structure. Rarely found Flying Gunard often spotted in the grass beds. Great site for all occasions.


TRIGGER FISH REEF: (50-70ft. Sub 10 minute boat ride). Tube sponge, sea fans, finger carol, moray eel and assortment of queen triggerfish and Black Durgeons.


WHITE SANDS: (20-35 ft. Sub 15 minute boat ride). Great shallow reef for beginners and certified divers. Many sand channels that occasionally attract Nurse Sharks. Juvenile schooling fish abound as well as a healthy growth of staghorn coral



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