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Jewel Runaway Bay - Scuba

Diving at an additional charge. Your personal equipment can be left in the dive office, instead of taking wet gear back to your room. The dive staff transports all tanks; you never have to pick up a tank, if you so choose.

The water temperatures run from 77 to 82 in the winter and 80 to 85 in the summer. Persons only need a swimsuit and a T-shirt. Wet suits are not necessary. However, 3mm wetsuits can be more comfortable, especially in winter months and computers could be helpful. All diving and equipment is included in the hotel package with the exception of Night Dives and Certifications.

The boat returns to the resort between dives. If you have a group of divers going, we can pre-arrange for a private boat. All divers are required to sign up a day ahead to insure space on the boat. If you should want to dive on the day you sign up, it is possible, as long as you get to the watersports office early and there is room on the boat. A medical and liability release will need to be filled out the first day, and showing your certification card is required. If you have a medical condition a doctor's release will be required. The medical release form can be downloaded off the links to the left. A pool refresher can be obtained and making a shallow dive on the first day is highly recommended.

Discover Scuba Diving Class

This class is for those persons who are not certified and/or have never dove before. It is a resort course, meaning that it is only valid while persons are at the resort.  After persons participate in the initial class, they may make the shallow dive at the resort everyday there is room, until the day they fly, without having to take the class again. Pre-requisites are: swimming ability - be able to swim 200 feet, and good medical health - if persons have a medical history, they should download the medical release from this web page for their doctor to fill out and sign. Then bring the signed form with you on your trip.


All PADI courses from PADI Scuba Diver through Divemaster are offered.  They have PADI instructors on staff. The full open water certification course is popular and runs approximately $ 300. If you plan to take the complete open water course while at the resort, the PADI Crew Pac (PADI Open Water Manual, log book, dive table, etc), offered both in print, CD Rom, and video, can be purchased from prior to leaving home. Support material, such as manuals and videos, for any other PADI courses you might wish to take while at Breezes Runaway Bay, can also be ordered from us prior to leaving home. If you purchase these items before your trip and prepare yourself for the course, you can save a lot of valuable vacation time.

Another popular option and one I would highly recommend is to take the class & pool portion of the open water certification course, with your local dive store, prior to your vacation. Then, while on vacation, do the open water dives with the instructors at the resort. This would also free up your vacation time to do the things Grand Lido Resorts are famous for and you can become a certified diver at the same time. Your local affiliated dive center can be found on the dive center locator link to the left. These referral certification dives are not included in the all-inclusive package and run approximately $ 200 complete.

Night Dives

Prices for these dives vary but run approximately US$45 if persons do not have their own light, and US$40 if persons bring their own light. Certified divers only may participate in this dive. This dive is to between 30 & 50 feet.

Dive Sites

Jewel Runaway Bay has the luxury of a dozen sites all within a 10 to 20 minute boat ride from the dockside. Their deep sites usually offer a dramatic topography of sloping or vertical walls. The top of these walls can begin at 30 to 60+ feet deep, depending on the site. All sport diver depth and time profiles are followed. Reef life ranging from barracuda, spotted eagle rays, southern stingrays, turtles and many other colorful forms of fish life can be seen on all dive sites. A multitude of sponge life in varying shapes, sizes and colors are everywhere, and huge soft corals including gorgonian fans abound. Dolphins also appear on occasion. They also have a number of artificial reefs including several airplanes, and a boat.



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